New user guide

1. What is OTCBTC? What countries/regions do OTCBTC support? How do I buy cryptocurrencies?

  • OTCBTC is a trading platform for crypto assets. It has an "Exchange" section and an "OTC" (over-the-counter) section.

  • Users in all countries/regions can register and trade in the "Exchange" or the "OTC" section.

  • On the "Exchange" section, you can deposit your crypto assets and convert them into your desired cryptocurrency, just like in other blockchain trading platforms. Check Exchange tutorial

  • On the "OTC" section, you can use fiat currencies to buy cryptocurrencies by either directly placing an order or posting a buy offer. If you can't find a preferred offer, please trade on the "Exchange" section first. Check OTC tutorial

2. Can I deposit cryptocurrencies? How do I deposit? Is there a fee?

3. Can I withdraw cryptocurrencies? How do I withdraw? How much is the withdrawal fee?

  • To protect your financial security, Two-factor Authentication needs to be completed before withdrawal can be made.

  • If you haven't created an OTC order, you can withdraw a small amount of your chosen cryptocurrency. If you have created an OTC order, you will not be able to withdraw any cryptocurrencies until you have completed Identity Verification. See more withdrawal limits details.

  • Please click Funds and select「Deposits & Withdrawals」to withdraw cryptocurrencies. Check Withdrawal tutorial

  • Our withdrawal fee are very competitive, check Fee schedule for more details.

4. Can I deposit US dollars (or other fiat currencies)?

You don't need to deposit US dollars (or other fiat currencies) into your OTCBTC account to buy cryptocurrencies on the "OTC" section. Transfer your US dollars (or other fiat currencies) directly to the seller's accepted payment method (e.g., bank transfer, PayPal, or Alipay). Check OTC tutorial

5. How do I enable two-factor authentication? What if two-factor authentication fails?

  • For a tutorial on how to set up and enable two-factor authentication, please click here.

  • If there is an error message when you enter a two-factor authentication code, please first make sure the time setting on your device (where the authenticator is installed) is automatic or manually synchronize the time using

  • If the error persists, please contact our customer service team.

6. Is there any discount? What is "OTB"?

  • By default, your OTCBTC account is enabled with using OTB tokens to pay for a discounted trading fee. If your account has enough OTB tokens, then the trading fee for trading ETH on the "Exchange" section as well as the trading fee for trading on the "OTC" section will be discounted by 50% (during the first year) and OTB tokens will be used to complete the payment.

  • OTB tokens are issued by OTCBTC and can be traded on both the "Exchange" and "OTC" sections. For more information, please refer to "What is OTB?"

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