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OTCBTC Privacy Policy

The term “OTCBTC” employed in this Privacy Policy indicates the owner of the OTCBTC website, OTCBTC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “OTCBTC”), which includes but is not limited to its shareholders, directors, investors, employees or affiliates. “OTCBTC” may also be referred to as any services provided by OTCBTC, this website, the content of this website or any other information.

To protect the members’ privacy and other relevant rights when using the services provided by this website, OTCBTC shall act in compliance with the requirements set forth in the Personal Information Protection Act of the R.O.C. (hereinafter referred to as the “PIPA”).

The privacy policy of this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) will assist you in understanding how we collect, process, use and protect personal information pursuant to Article 8 of the PIPA. Your consent to OTCBTC’s collecting, processing, using and protecting your personal information according to the Policy is implied upon your use of the services of this website. To protect your rights, please read the following thoroughly:

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Collection of Information and Its Purpose

OTCBTC discloses the following in compliance with the PIPA:

Method of Information Collection:

OTCBTC will collect your information through your computer, mobile phone or other devices whenever you use OTCBTC or the OTCBTC website.

Purpose of Collection:

1. For membership management or for this website’s services or other e-commerce services, or for surveys, statistics and research analysis;

2. For OTCBTC’s obligations to act in compliance with regulations, or purposes in businesses, finance, taxes, operation or risk management (including but not limited to its own marketing or joint marketing, surveys and analysis of statistics, internal control, management and inspection).

(The item numberings of purposes required by the law are 040, 090, 148, and 157.)

Information Collection:

1. Personal Identification data, e.g., names, phone numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, ID numbers, copies of ID cards, foreigners’ passport numbers and passport copies, etc.;

2. Personalized data, e.g., sex, date of birth, etc.;

3. Account data, e.g., users’ account names and passwords;

4. Financial information, e.g., bank accounts, bills issued by banks and transaction information;

5. Copies of images of personal identification, including your documents, passport, ID card or driver’s license issued by the government;

6. Proof of residence data, including your utilities or other similar data;

7. Other types of information, e.g., home or work address, email address and non-confidential emails. (The legal numbering for the aforementioned type of data includes: C001 data that results in identification of individuals, C002 data that results in identification of financial status, C003 identification resulting from governmental information, C011 description of individuals, C081 income, assets and investments, C093 financial transactions, C102 deals or contracts.)

8. When you use this website or the services thereof, we will collect information regarding your transactions and/or other activities you participate in on this website;

9. You may choose to provide OTCBTC with access to certain personal information stored by third parties, such as social media. The information we have access to varies by site and is controlled by your privacy settings on that third party’s site. By linking an account managed by a third party to OTCBTC and authorizing OTCBTC to have access to this information, you agree that OTCBTC may collect, store and use this information in accordance with this Policy.

10. We automatically obtain data in some computers, devices, and browser history when you use the OTCBTC website or OTCBTC’s relevant services. These data are collected to conduct statistics that provides info of the users’ browsing patterns and habits, but for personal use. These personal information includes data of computers or mobile devices, which includes but is not limited to identification codes, names and types of devices, startup systems, operating systems, IP addresses, locations, mobile network information and general webpage login information (e.g., the browsing of content of certain types, website traffic and your saved pages);

11. In a virtual digital currency transaction with a third party, a third party may share information about you with us, such as your e-mail address or phone number. We may use this information in connection with such transaction to confirm that you are an OTCBTC member and/or to notify you of relevant information regarding such transaction. If you request that we validate your status as an OTCBTC member with a third party, we will do so.

OTCBTC does not direct its website or services thereof to the minors. OTCBTC does not intentionally collect information from the minors. If we become aware that we have inadvertently received personal information from a minor, we will delete such information from our records.

OTCBTC does not provide its website or services to countries located in the European Union (“EU”) or European Economic Area (“EEA”). OTCBTC does not intend to collect any personal information from any person located in the EU or EEA. In the event we find that OTCBTC has inadvertently obtained such personal information, OTCBTC will delete such information forthwith.

The time limit, region, target and method of use of personal information:

OTCBTC shall inform you of the following pursuant to the PIPA:

Time limit: The period that personal information is being collected for a specified purpose, the retention period required by the law or a contract, or the expiration date which OTCBTC has decided on, whichever period is the longest.

Region: Taiwan and any other regions where the services of this website are present, including regions outside Taiwan where OTCBTC deems necessary to use the personal information involved in such place according to OTCBTC’s business judgments.

The target and method of use:

1. The personal information shall be used for the website’s search function provided in membership management, which is a type of service offered by this website, and shall be used for cash flow services, logistic services, marketing and identification within the necessary scope of the promotion of this website. The members’ records of use of the website’s services shall act as the foundation for the alterations, changes and expansions to the service content and features of this website.

2. Personal information shall act as the foundation for any kinds of popularization of information, personalized services and market research conducted by OTCBTC. The applications of personal information include but are not limited to providing information related to this website’s services or business partners in connection therewith by emails, postal mail, phone and SMS, analyzing and integrating the data of members’ group characteristics, investigating the frequency of use and reporting relevant information, etc.

3. OTCBTC handles or uses computerized or other types of similar data in a manner which is in pursuance of the promotion of the services of this website within the scope of the specified purpose and type of use.

4. OTCBTC will prevent and investigate potentially prohibited or illegal activities, and/or violations of our posted user terms; and monitor OTCBTC account’s potential breach of user terms and/or the malware or other activities which may harm OTCBTC or its members.

5. Other types of use that conform with Article 20 of the PIPA;

6. Should you register as a member, you agree that OTCBTC may obtain members’ personal information, and disclose, share or provide such information to OTCBTC’ contractual third party and its affiliates, or any party co-marketing or co-promoting with OTCBTC, or any other organization that has business contacts or business with OTCBTC, or any party that intends to acquire or transfer any assets and liabilities of OTCBTC, or bear the risks of OTCBTC or in the event of a merger, any person implementing the deal, for the following processes and uses:

Acting as a third party’s foundation for popularizing information, including but not limited to providing the marketing information of the third party and its affiliates by emails, postal mail, phone and SMS, etc.

Acting as a third party and its affiliate’s market research basis for improving their services. The third party and its affiliate may integrate, input or file the data with its internal management system, or may back-up the information and retain it through certain means.

Other types of processes or uses that are set forth in agreements between OTCBTC and the third party or its affiliates.

In any of the events set forth above, with a view to protecting the privacy of its members, using certain agreements or policies, OTCBTC shall ensure the third party or its affiliates protect the privacy of OTCBTC’s members to the minimum extent, which shall be no less than the personal data security and maintenance standard required by the Policy.

7. If you make a transaction on this website, you or OTCBTC may provide your counterparty with your personal information for the purpose of fulfilling the transaction. Unless you have given prior consent, such counterparty is not allowed to use this information for other purposes. If an attempt to transfer virtual digital currency to your counterparty fails or is later invalidated, we may also provide your counterparty with details of the unsuccessful transfer. To facilitate dispute resolutions, we may provide other members with your personal information, such as contact details, if it is deemed necessary in OTCBTC’s discretion.

8. If OTCBTC believes that it is necessary to disclose your personal information to avoid any personal injury or property loss and/or report suspected illegal conduct or investigate the violation of OTCBTC’s user terms, OTCBTC may disclose your information.

Unless you have given prior consent, OTCBTC will not use your personal information in any way other than those described above.

Members’ Rights to Personal Information:

Pursuant to Article 3 of the PIPA, concerning the personal information you provided to OTCBTC, you may exercise the following rights:

1. Look up or request for an examination or make copies of your personal information. OTCBTC may charge necessary costs and expenses pursuant to the law.

2. Request OTCBTC to supplement or make corrections to your personal information. You shall provide a reasonable explanation when exercising this right.

3. Request OTCBTC to cease collecting, processing or using your personal information, or to delete your personal information.

Should you wish to exercise the aforementioned rights, you may send your request to, and OTCBTC shall act upon your request.

However, prior to OTCBTC’s verification of your identity , you may not request to look up, make copies or examine your personal information or account details or apply for an alteration thereto.

You may request OTCBTC to cease collecting, processing, using or deleting your personal information pursuant to any provision set forth above. However, OTCBTC reserves the right to terminate the services of this website once OTCBTC has discontinued the collection, process, use or deletion of your personal information.

You acknowledge and agree that due to the nature of OTCBTC’s operations and business, the maintenance of transactional security and the establishment of a reliable user review mechanism are of utmost importance to OTCBTC’s business. OTCBTC reserves the right to refuse your request for alteration, deletion or change of personal information in the event that OTCBTC is of the opinion that such request will result in interference with the nation’s material interests, interference with the public authorities’ execution of its legal duties, and hindrance to the material interests of a data-collecting authority or a third party, or if OTCBTC is required to continue keeping your personal information by its duties and business. Depending on the circumstances, OTCBTC may change the way it processes your personal information (e.g. temporarily seal your information) until such time when the foregoing situations have been resolved, and then alter, delete or change your’ personal information as requested.

You may freely decide whether to provide your personal information to this website for its services. However, should you refuse to provide the required information necessary for the completion of the registration process, or you omit certain data, which might result in the inability of this website to execute its services, OTCBTC may deny your application for relevant trades or services.

You agree that OTCBTC reserves the right to amend the aforementioned provisions on the exercise of your rights to your personal information, and to inform you of the summary of the amended provisions and designated websites publishing the amendments. OTCBTC may inform you orally, in writing or by telephone, text, email, fax, electronic documents, announcements made by its office or disclosed on its website or any other method (including but not limited to providing access to any website that discloses the amendments using the means mentioned above) that is sufficient for you to perceive or understand the contents of the amendments.

Maintenance of Personal Information

To protect your privacy, OTCBTC shall provide reasonable techniques and measures in accordance with the law to protect personal data and transaction data. This is to avoid the loss, misuse, unauthorized use, access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of personal data (e.g. the use of firewalls and data encryption, building access control or data access restrictions and other physical control, or restricting any staff’s access, except for those whose types of tasks require access to the data). To avoid the leakage of personal information, please guard your personal information, registered account and password. Except for the case where it is required by the government or the law, or a disclosure made by OTCBTC to share or provide information for a third party’s use pursuant to the Policy, OTCBTC is obliged to keep the personal information confidential.

OTCBTC shall request any third party in cooperation with OTCBTC that has the authority to obtain, share or process members’ personal information pursuant to the Policy, to keep the members’ personal information confidential and maintain the information as required by the provisions set forth above. However, in any case where a third party’s conduct is liable for the damages of the members’ rights, OTCBTC shall assist members in claiming rights against the third party. However, OTCBTC shall not be liable for any damages caused by the third party.


You agree that OTCBTC reserves the right to allow other companies that advertise on certain OTCBTC pages to set and access the Cookies on your computer, and that those aforesaid companies shall act in compliance with their respective privacy policies, but OTCBTC’s privacy protection policy. Such advertisers or other companies shall not have access to OTCBTC's Cookies.

We shall, from time to time, execute "Cookies" or other features that allow us or third parties to collect or share information which assists us in improving the website and the services it provides, or to assist us in providing new services and features. “Cookie” refers to the identification number we have sent to your computer or mobile device and which enables us to identify your computer or device, thereby providing us with the information of how and when our services or websites are used or visited, number of visitors and tracking all website activities. We may also link Cookie information to personal information.

Should you wish to deny the use of Cookies, you may alter the corresponding settings on your browser. However, please be mindful that should you opt to do so, you may be precluded from some use of the functions of this website or its services.


The services of this website may include links to other websites or pages, or services provided by a third party. Should you also use other additional functions, plug-ins or applications provided by third parties (herein after referred to as "Applications"), the aforementioned websites, pages or Applications may obtain some type your personal information. Please be mindful that the collection of personal information by websites, pages or Applications that are not owned by OTCBTC are irrelevant to OTCBTC.

If you authorize any third-party website or Application to access your OTCBTC account, then the information you have provided to OTCBTC may be shared with such third parties. Please note that the third-party websites or Applications may have their own privacy policies, and OTCBTC is not responsible for their disposal of your personal information.

Should the services of this website be conferred to a third party irrelevant to OTCBTC in the future, or in events where OTCBTC is to be acquired or merged by a third party, your personal information shall be transferred in accordance with the maintenance requirements set forth in the Policy.

Privacy Policy Amendment

OTCBTC will make amendments to the Policy from time to time. Members are obliged to confirm whenever they have reviewed the latest version of the Policy, and as required by the law, OTCBTC shall notify you of any changes made to the Policy. If members have any other questions concerning OTCBTC's website privacy policy or other personal information related issues, they may contact us through our customer service system.