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As an industry-leading OTC exchange platform, OTCBTC holds a wealth of experience in OTC trading, platform development, security, risk control and operation. With OTCBTC Cloud, we will provide an all-in-one OTC trading solution, including deposit / withdrawal API, account integration, asset settlement system, management system, cold/hot wallet system, customer service support, global customer verification and anti-money laundering system. It will contribute to a faster, better and more prosperous blockchain ecosystem.

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Secure and Efficient, Your exclusive OTC

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Highly integrated with minimum technical requirement

Industry-leading technical support; provide OTC services without worrying about technical stuff

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Safely managed with independent cold / hot wallet risk control

The highest-level secured cold / hot wallet system; your assets are in safe hands

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Easy to use, start with just one click

Exclusive customer support; easy to navigate with a great user interface

Who is OTC Cloud for?

(1) Fiat and Crypto Exchange Service Providers

Every local fiat and crypto exchange service provider has their own trading rules. However, their trading methods are outdated and there is no accounting system and secure trading system in place. OTC Cloud will provide these local exchanges with a safe and efficient solution based on their existing trading rules.

(2)International commodity traders with direct clients

International commodity traders have direct clients but their transactions are not efficient. With OTC Cloud and OTCBTC’s third-party guarantee system, the transactions will be lightning fast. They can focus more on client acquisition and relationship management.

(3)Forex platforms with independent crypto exchange service

Forex platforms have a high demand for cryptocurrencies but crypto exchange operation is challenging when it comes to blockchain wallet technology and trading security. OTC Cloud provides OTC integration, global customer verification and anti-money laundering system so they can expand their service range and trade securely.

Easily integrate with OTC Cloud and bring your business to the next level