The payment window for this offer is 15 minutes. Please confirm that you agree with all buyer's trading terms before you start this trade.

Current offer price is generated by the system. The trading price will be determined at the time of the order.Click here for more information aboutClick here for more information about Price Fluctuations.
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  • Trading Limit
  • Payment Methods
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  • Price 0.50108 CNY / ADA
  • Trading Limit 1,000 ~ 100,000 ADA
  • Payment Methods Payment alipay Payment wechat Payment card
  • Payment Window 15 minutes
  • Status Published
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  • 1. Please read and agree to the buyer's terms before you start an order. Make sure all trading details are correct before you click the Sell button.
  • 2. Please send your account details to your buyer once the trade is started. You must message your buyer on OTCBTC to prevent information leakage.
  • 3. When a trade is started, the amount of cryptocurrency for the trade is automatically reserved from your wallet by the system. After you confirm the buyer's payment is indeed in your account, please click Release Cryptocurrency to complete the trade.
  • 4. It's always a good idea to check the buyer's trading history and reviews before starting an order. This helps to prevent future disputes.
  • 5. Please message the buyer on OTCBTC for all communication during the trade. Message history outside our platform may not be valid in the dispute.
  • 6. You will be temporarily blocked from starting an order on the day you cancel more than three orders.
Trading Terms:

1. 商家在线!秒回复,秒付款

2. 专用付款账户支付,保证您的收款不会被银行冻结。请放心! 

3. 有时网络卡顿造成无通知提醒,若1分钟内无回应,订单页面有电话号码,欢迎致电。