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Fixed Offer Trading Terms:

1. Please provide your name and account details to your buyer immediately. If you can't reach your buyer in the platform, contact them with the details they provide.

2. Your buyer has to complete the payment within the 15-minutes payment window once they place the order, and then click Mark Payment Done. Otherwise, this order will be canceled automatically when the payment window expires.

3. You should only release the coins when you confirm the payment is indeed in your account.

4. Our system will reserve your coins during the trade for security purposes.

5. In the Spirit of Contract, jacking up the price or reneging will be reported and may result in account ban for 3 to 14 days.

  • Price
  • Volume / Total Price
  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Window
  • Status
  • Price 3,500 CNY / ETH
  • Trading limit 0.2 ETH / 700 CNY
  • Payment Methods Payment alipay
  • Payment Window 15 minutes
  • Status Archived
Sell 0.2 ETH700CNY