EOS Tutorials

1,000 OTB reward for each published tutorial

Requirement: All original EOS tutorials are welcome. The tutorials must include content related to both OTCBTC and EOS.

Content: The content can be a basic tutorial on how to buy or deposit EOS on OTCBTC, or an advanced tutorial on how to make money by arbitraging via OTCBTC.

Example: How to profit by arbitraging between Bitfinex and OTCBTC?

Method: Provide EOS tutorial link or draft link

Reward: OTCBTC will reward the author with 1,000 OTB for each published original tutorials in EOS Center.

We will respond within 7 working days


Project team submission

Content: EOS related application, such as wallet, DAPP, EOS related game tutorials and guides.

Presentation: Featured in applications column and tutorial column. We will provide a featured column for long tutorials with hot social interactions.

Subject: Please put "Project Team Tutorial Submission" in the email subject.

Email to: business@otcbtc.com

We will respond within 7 working days

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