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How to apply for EOS Airdrops

  1. OTCBTC supports the EOS ecosystem. If the project team has a clear snapshot plan and initials contact with OTCBTC, we will arrange token airdrops and distribute to users’ accounts.
  2. EOS mainnet is not stable and token contracts are risky sometimes. Even when EOS airdrop tokens are distributed, the project team will still follow the normal OTCBTC listing procedure for token trading service.
  3. For EOS tokens, OTCBTC only accepts applications from the project team. The procedure is as follows
  4. We encourage OTCBTC users to suggest quality airdrop tokens. Please have project team contact us via tokens@otcbtc.com


What is EOS Airdrop Tokens?

EOS airdrop tokens are distributed on EOS mainnet. For OTCBTC-supported EOS airdrops, we will take a snapshot following the project team’s instructions. The airdrop tokens are distributed according to your EOS balance at the time of the snapshot and the announced ratio. Sometimes we call them “EOS candies” too.

What is EOS Center?

EOS Center is an information centre OTCBTC set up especially for the beginners. It includes the latest EOS announcements, the distributions, real-time price and other EOS airdrop news. Users can follow the latest status of EOS airdrops, check out the upcoming OTCBTC-supported airdrops and the status. It is an easy way to keep track and be part of the EOS ecosystem.

What is a snapshot?

A snapshot is a record of all EOS account balance on OTCBTC at the time the project team specified. The airdrop tokens will be distributed according to that snapshot at the ratio the project team announced.

A snapshot is taken but tokens are not distributed?

For the OTCBTC-supported airdrops we announced, OTCBTC will arrange the airdrops. Sometimes we are just waiting to receive the tokens from the project team so we can distribute to our users.

Can I withdraw airdrop tokens?

Airdrop tokens are available to withdraw at a different time. Please follow our latest announcements.

Can’t find an airdrop token?

Click Suggest an Airdrop to let us know. We will collect feedbacks and contact the project team for airdrops.

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