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  • Posting an BTC offer will charge a commission of 0.001 BTC
  • Offers will be valid for 14 days, during which offers can be unlimitedly edited, posted or retreated without any extra charge.
  • The offer commissions for BTC is 0.5 % , which are afforded by the user who posted it. You may use OTB to pay for fees (50% discount) Check Settings

    Assuming that the trading amount is 1 BTC, the commission will be 0.005 BTC. You will get 50% discount if using OTB to pay for fees.

  • Make sure your account balance is greater than 0.025 BTC to make your offers appear in the list.View Rate Details
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Trading Price

If you do not set up the minimum unit price, the trading price will be adjusted in accordance with the referring Exchange

Premium Rate is the portion of amount which exceeds the market price. 'Unit Price' is the average price calculated among major trades. An appropriate premium rate can help you set up a sensible price. For instance, if the unit price of the cryptocurrency is 30000 and the premium rate is 5%, the trading price will be 31500.

To make your offer more competitive, you could set up a negative premium rate. For instance, the current market price is 30000 and the premium rate is -5%, the trading price will be 28500.

The unit price is subject to the changes of market price. And the actual price is subject to the real-time price when the user orders. Please check out more info about floating price.
Payment Methods

You could go to Trade Settings to choose the payment method, which will automatically appear in the offers posted. So that you do not have to send the account info or QR code again. Click to check out examples

Automatic Message

When the buyer starts the trade, the automatic message will be sent to the buyer, including your payment method and account info. No automatic message will be sent if you leave it blank here.

When the order is completed, the automatic message will be sent to the buyer. No automatic message will be sent if you leave it blank here.

Trading Limit

Set the limits to adjust the price range of each single purchase from the buyer. You can adjust in accordance to your needs.

You can set different single quota according to trade types. For example, you can adjust "maximum limit" according to the single transfer limit of your bank or Alipay. Increasing the "minimum limit" can also avoid having to receive the order with too low amount. Set a proper quota range to make your trade more efficient.

15 Minute
During the valid period of the order, corresponding coins in the order are locked by the system, therefore you are not allowed to cancel the order. However, the order will be automatically cancelled by the system if the buyer did not mark the payment completed during valid period, and the coins will be then returned to your account.

To avoid massive orders processing simultaneously, you can set your maximum number of orders to process. For instance, when the maximum is 2 orders, the offer will be available only for 2 orders at one time and other buyers will be notified by “Please try later. The offeror only can process a limited number of orders now”. 0 as the maximum number means that limitless orders can be processed simultaneously.
Trade Description
You can specify the requirements for buyers in the “Seller’s Note”, so that the buyers can check before starting the trade. For instance, please provide the ID, etc.

You can enter information related to the trade in the "transfer Note". For instance, enter your account and contact info. Users who entered the contact have have 30% higher chance to aquire a successful deal. The notice will appear when they start the order.
Buyer Requirements
The requirements will allow you to filter traders with more trustworthiness. However, please note that too many filter requirements may decrease trading success rate. So please filter only to your needs and conditions.

Trading regulations

  • OTCBTC ensures secure trading through its cryptocurrency Hosting system.Underground trading is strictly prohibited on the platform, offenders will be responsible for damages and will be permanently banned from using the service.

  • Please note all conditions in sellers details, detail any desired conditions and anything that needs to be noted in your trade requests, a clear and detailed set of conditions will help to improve trading success rates.

  • Please do not attempt any fraudulent activity on OTCBTC. Offenders accounts may be frozen and made liable for prosecution.

* Please follow the spirit of contract. Any malicious bidding or regretting after posting the offer will cause the account to be frozen for 3-14 days according to the report.

ATTENTION ! ATTENTION ! ATTENTION ! The following information should be read carefully to ensure your trading security.

  • During trading, please make sure you confirm received money, before remitting crypto currencies.

  • During trading, please avoid revealing any of your accounts sensitive information.

  • In order to avoid scamming, do not trade through your email address, as it may threaten the security of your account.

  • Always confirm you are on the official OTCBTC website, save OTCBTC to bookmarks in order to avoid phishing websites.

  • OTCBTC staff will NEVER offer to trade with you, please do not trade with anyone claiming to be an OTCBTC staff member, to avoid loss of your profits.